Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Financial Aid

I was reminded today that deadlines are fast approaching for many financial aid applications! Yikes. I haven't been doing anything about that. In the next couple of days I will get my taxes done so that I can update my FASFA application, which I've fortunately already completed using last year's taxes as estimates, and complete a YDS internal financial aid application. If I work fast enough, I may be able to get some other applications done for scholarships. Unfortunately, however, because I have been so behind on my final two school applications, I have forced myself to juggle a lot of other balls now as I silmultaneously apply for schools and aid.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yale's February Update

I just love that YDS does stuff like sending out regular email updates on where they are in the admissions process.  Even though I know when the decisions will be sent out, and thus approximately where they should be in the process, it is simply a small comfort to periodically hear from them.  Whatever their decision about my enrollment, I am glad to have had such a pleasant application experience with them.

Here is some of what was in the February update, which came from their Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting:

"Winter in the admissions office typically passes in a flurry of applications and this year is no different. Reading applications and processing decisions has kept me, and my colleagues on the admissions committee, very busy. We have about two more weeks of committee work and then I finish up processing all the decisions (that means checking and double checking, editing letters, etc) and then we start printing decision letters."

So there you have it.

I still don't have my other two applications complete and submitted!  Ack!

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Down, 2 To Go

My updated report:

First the completed applications...
  • Harvard application packet has been sent to the admissions committee and is currently under review.  I should hear around March 15th.  It has three letters of recommendation now (using my alternative letter writer)...none of them academic.  Things don't look particularly hopeful, and they are offering no encouragement, though I am hoping, wishing, and keeping my fingers crossed anyway, as silly as it may be.
  • Yale application packet is being processed and may or may not yet be with the admissions committee.  My letter writer who was ill very kindly contacted them and asked that her letter be included in my packet after she returned from her most recent medical procedures.  I am very thankful, and they let her letter in yesterday.  I otherwise had the same three letters of recommendation at this school as I did at Harvard.  I hope the professor's letter is not too late to make a difference.
As for my incomplete applications...
  • All items except for my personal statement have been sent to Meadville-Lombard.  By all items, I mean everything including my application fee.  My personal statement is coming along painfully slowly.  I hope to get it done this weekend and unburden myself of this application.  As for letters, I have no idea if the professor will still be sending her letter.  However, I did get three extra letters for them (on top of the two I had), as they except four letters as their minimum.  I am just waiting on one of those letters to be mailed.
  • My Andover Newton application is the least complete.  I am stuck on the personal statement and essay.  The questions this school uses as prompters for the writing are *so* different from the other schools that I basically have to start from scratch, and I admit I am overwhelmed.  Still, I plan to get this done within one week.  I have three letters at this school, plus the professor's letter if she sends it.  They take supplemental materials so would consider the fourth letter.
That's it.  That's where I am.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sad Day

Today was the final deadline for Harvard.  It also was the day I heard from my professor who hadn't sent the letter.  Turns out she has become quite ill and can't write the letter for me.  She apologized profusely, and I accept that, but I am so disappointed.

I have someone else who is happily jumping in, but I won't have any academic references at all.  Harvard has been pretty clear my shot is now dismal.  I am sure it is not much better at Yale, especially since the number of weeks that have passed since their deadline, but I have an email out to them just to check in about my next best step.

What a sad, sad day.