Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Final Post

Just for fun wish list for going back to school:

To Have
  • A bike for me and dw, and kids bike seats on the back of each of them
  • A helmet
  • Good bike locks for each of us
  • A laptop (I am crazy for the new lightweight Toughbook covertible, but hey, I'll even settle for a netbook...just something hopefully reliable I can use for notetaking and school work)
  • A Kindle (did you see the new Kindle is out and it is finally supposed to be readable in sun?)
  • A printer (turns out there is a charge per sheet for printing things out at school these days...phooey!)
  • Some clothes I feel comfortable in (time for the every-15-year wardrobe update that I can never afford LOL)
  • A fix to those little plumbing and electrical issues, etc., in the house that we can tolerate, but that we can't leave for a renter
  • And if I am getting really dreamy...maybe an iPad

To Shed
  • Our second car
  • My broken laptop
  • My house for 9 months out of the year
  • 50 pounds

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