Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Scramble

Sorry to be missing in action. I've been writing.

I have worked a little on the Harvard writing sample essay, a little on my Yale personal statement and a lot on my personal statement for Harvard. I've had fits and starts, and all of the starts have been false starts. It's simply not been going well.

If I wasn't so damn stuburn I'd give up.

Here it is, well past the one month countdown. The clock is ticking. And I really have completed no tangible peice of writing that is worth consideration for submission.

The good news is that this afternoon I hammered out a paragraph of two for Harvard that may not be a false start.

Why on earth did I think it would be possible to muddle through all this in the holiday season?! I am way in over my head.

I have, however, decided that I am going to concentrate on my Yale and Harvard applications until early January. While I need to get my other two applications in as soon as possible after the Yale and Harvard applications, in order to have offers to compare (if I get accepted anywhere at all), the other two schools have rolling admissions so they can wait a little bit. Focusing on just the two schools for a few weeks should help me get this done.

I'll post an updated to-do list momentarily.

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