Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slow Progress

Okay. Slow progress. I'll get there. I am freaked out. But I am on my way.

I have draft papers for Harvard done. They are very rough around the edges, but I have some folks reviewing them so I can go back to it soon with fresh eyes. I am still hoping to push through to a final draft for application submission by January 5th. Lofty, but there is a chance I'll make it. That will give me a few days to pull together my FASFA and financial aid application so everything arrives on time on January 10th.

Within days of that, my Yale application will be due. After a lot of internal debate, I may have finally settled on a writing sample topic. I am thinking I will write on Maria Montessori as theologian, philosopher, and writer. I am not sure this fits exactly what they are looking for, but truly in those three capacities her work has influenced me deeply. I doubt I could write as well on anyone else. So I just need to whip out rough drafts of the Yale papers within a few days.

Since the other two schools are a rolling admission, even though I need to get those applications done quickly after the first two (in order to get acceptance notices and financial aid offers around the same time for comparison purposes), I can breathe something of a sigh of relief once Harvard and Yale apps are in.


  1. Strange I ran across your blog. I also just applied to grad school in theology (mostly MTS programs). I applied to Yale Div, and several other bigger names that I'm sure you would know. I had 9 schools in total, but decided not to apply to Harvard, mostly because I didn't want to write that "choose one of the two" questions. Although now I am rethinking it, maybe ill apply to it too just for fun.

  2. Nick, welcome to my humble little abode.

    Sounds fantastic to have your primary applications in and now have room to "play."

    How did you do on your GRE?