Sunday, March 14, 2010

Advisement Conference Call

Since I began receiving school acceptances, a sense of dread has accompanied all celebrations.  Saying yes to one offer means saying no to the others when there are so many reasons to say yes to each.  I am, in a word, overwhelmed. 

After considering hiring out my life decisions for a while ;-), I finally realized that I could take advantage of the fact that I am surrounded by a network of really smart people who have my best interests in mind.  While I ultimately have to make this decision on my own, from my own gut, I can first seek guidance and wisdom from these people I trust.

For this reason, I am planning a conference call of advisement!  I am very excited, and if you are in my circle of "in-real-life peeps," I hope you will plan to join me.  I so very much appreciate collective wisdom of family and friends.  I am taking votes for dates and times (perhaps a Saturday, evening EST), and I'll be sending out an evite soon. 

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