Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puff Puff Choo Choo...the Little Engine Chugs Along

I am pleased to say that I completed my ANTS application tonight.  I do have to email them my essays tomorrow.  Hard to let go because I know the writing isn't 100% yet, but I've gotten to the point where I need to finish something.  I could spend a lifetime on these essays, really.  I think I've also decided against submitting supplementary material to the school, which was not the decision I expected to make.  I feel that by submitting only what I have already submitted (along with the essays in the morning), I will have a "tighter" application packet overall.  I don't want to dilute what I have submitted.

My YDS financial aid applicaton is also complete and submitted, but I have to submit a copy of my taxes and W-2s via fax ASAP (note to self: tomorrow I also need to submit M's birth certificate to the charter school for which we entered him in the lottery).

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  1. Tighter IS better SM - I constantly strive for that but rarely achieve.