Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pendulum

My poor wife!  Every day I go to her and say, "You know, I think I've figured out where I should go [for school]," and I name a school and give her 100 reasons it is the best fit for me, and then all day I'll be researching and figuring stuff out about the school.  And she'll try to be supportive and research and figure it out with me, and we'll start to form some kind of idea of how it might turn out.  We'll talk it over, and I'll feel a little more at peace, and...

...then the next day I start all over, but it won't be the same school.  And round and round I go.

It's becoming predictable, and my darling wife is clearly growing weary.  She's at the point now where I will say something to her in the middle of the day such as, "This is what I think we'll do about [our family's schedule, etc.] for this school," and she will just nod and smile so as not to engage me too much.  I think she's hoping the school visits will be the end of it.  The last visit is just before the first decision is due.  Eeeks!

Honey, I know you occassionally read my blog, so let me just tell you how much I love you, and how dear I think you are to be so patient, supportuve, and engaged.  I am so lucky!

(P.S. to everyone else, can I just say how awesome "G" is?!  You know how I know that she reads my blog?  Because the day after I posted that I wanted to go to sleep for a month, she let me sleep in and gently told me I had been heard and that she knew how overwhelmed I was.)

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