Friday, November 27, 2009

Just For Fun

So tomorrow and Sunday will be extremely busy workdays for me, but as of Monday I need to get back to business with my school applications. I'll work on updating my timeline in my next post. In the meantime, I thought I'd take advantage of the excuse of it being a sort-of-holiday to play around a bit.

I saw on one of my parenting discussion boards, in a topic under "frugality," a question about textbooks being available on an ereader. I am not likely to have a lot of textbook reading, as far as I can tell, but I will have a TON of reading. A TON. I wonder how many relevant titles would be available for Kindle reading. Not that I will ever in a million years have money for such a thing (and reviews of the Kindle 2, anyway, seem mixed), but the idea is very dreamy.

I know, so ridiculous. But playing a little make-believe in my head about my very bright and always totally dreamy future in grad school is part of what is helping me keep semi-sane through this application process LOL.

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