Saturday, November 28, 2009

Updated Timeline

Application Process To Do List

Week of November 30th
Update CV and submit to all websites
Attend a class or event
Take care of the last two transcript requests (F/M)
Write a rough draft of my Statement(s) of Purpose

Week of December 7th
Revise Statement(s) of Purpose
Have folks review Statement(s) of Purpose
Work on research papers (required topics are different at each of the schools, so will need to write a few)
Make another 1-2 contacts at schools or attend another class or event

Week of December 14th
Send reminders to recommenders, as needed
Have folks review research papers and revised Statement(s) of Purpose
Continue revisions on research papers and Statement(s) of Purpose
Are transcripts in?
Make another contact or two at schools?

Week of December 21st
Have folks review draft Statement(s) of Purpose and research papers
Keep revising Statement(s) of Purpose and research papers
Complete all four of the applications, aside from the Statements of Purpose and research papers

Week of December 28th
If possible, have folks do a final review of written works/revise
∆ Complete and Submit applications by January 5th at the latest
Complete financial aid applications in first few days after submitting the school applications (also due January 11th)

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