Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not. Good.

I took another practice test today and got an even 460 on verbal and an even 460 on quantitative. I ran out of time on both sections (and barely finished one of my essays, unscored, as well). Not. Good.

I feel screwed regarding my test on Wednesday. How the heck could I bring up each of these scores by 200 points by Wednesday? I thought I was making very slow, but at least steady progress, but it turns out it might all be a fluke.

It makes me feel really, really stupid. Seriously. I know I've never done well on standardized tests, but 460 is an awful score. People who don't study get a score like that.

If that is the score I get on Wednesday I will have wasted $150. This can't happen.

Maybe I need more time to study, but I don't have it. Tomorrow is a church day, so well, I'll be lucky to get in a couple hours. Monday I have to work a bunch but still hope to get another practice test in. Tuesday I have set aside mostly for studying but I found out this last week that my assistant is going to have a weird schedule next week and that we need to get some work done together Tuesday morning. Which leaves me maybe 5 or 6 hours on Tuesday, including a PowerPrep practice test (not my usual practice test, so I get in a little variety). Wednesday morning I hope to cram for a while and then my test is at 1:00pm.

Pray for me. I am just a puddle of tears right now.


  1. A lot of people at gradcafe scored higher than their practices, so there is hope. On verbal, my tips would be to really focus on the reading comp - you can get those. On the analogies or antonyms, you either know the word or you dont, so just make the quick guess and move on.

    For math, the most problems I saw were ones that involved "X, Y and Z are consequtive positive integers" and then the two columns using those variables. So it was a lot of making up numbers to plug into see if A or B was greater (or = or unknown). I would say I saw those more than any other type of questions, so maybe focus your energies on those. Also, the charts tend to be easier to solve, so spend a bit more time there.

    Hope it helps. Its a tough test. Not a simulation of real life in the least!

    P&PT for you on Weds!

  2. Jenn, thanks! I need all the advice I can get, and I appreciate the encouragement (and P&PT) :-).