Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Low Motivation for Studying

Next week is the big test and I am finding myself in danger of running out of steam. A lot of it is likely test anxiety kicking in, but it doesn't help that I am *still* (!!?) super sick. Tonight I studied my vocab for a while but avoided math. However, I at least still took care of some application issues. I sent out reminders to a couple of the folks who have agreed to write me recommendations, including writing info for one of my recommenders about the specific match between myself and my chosen schools, and I ordered transcripts from two of my former schools (which ended up being a pain for a number of reasons, and took way too long).

I think I really need to take some time off work between now and next Wednesday, both to recover from this sick stuff that I can't seem to kick and to do more test practice. My scores are not at all close enough to my goal for this kind of laziness (lethargy?).

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