Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "Incompletes"

I am really slacking on the rest of my applications now that one is done.  But rest assurred I am not slacking in life.  I've been slammed at work with a bazillion things.  Still, I've got to get serious, especially since I am afraid everyday that ticks by I am losing more and more of a chance at HDS.

Anyway, checking on my YDS application, it looks like none of my transcripts have been "received."  My best guess is that my old name just hasn't been matched to my new name.  And I know it takes a while for the online system to get updated, but grrr, it freaks me out that it shows up as incomplete.

And then there is still that third letter of reference.  I emailed my recommender to check on the situation.  I told her to please let me know if she couldn't do the letters for me.  She emailed me back Tuesday and said she thought she had done it/them(?).  I responded soon after to explain that the school(s) definitely didn't have it because that part of the electronic system is updated automatically.  I still haven't heard back.  How long should I wait before pestering her with another email?  I feel like I am being a 100% nuisance, but then I am really depending on her and the deadlines have started to come and go.

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