Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Relief on Letter of Recommendation Front

Alright, breathing just a bit easier right now. One of my recommenders submitted his letter to Harvard. He still has to do the other schools, but yeah!

Another recommender from whom I asked for only one letter to go to the school that required an extra letter (since I needed two academic references for most schools and didn't have them, I chose to focus on folks who have worked with me day-to-day because I thought they'd have the most insight into my academic potential...this recommendor knows me well but not day-t0-day, and she has never supervised me) has mailed it off, and she also sent me a copy and OMG am I honored by the things she said.

I only have one recommender (my academic reference...ack!) currently missing in action. Hopefully I'll hear from her soon that she's got the letter done.


  1. I'm sending my kindly "please submit this weekend OK" emails out today. I resubmitted the requests via Embark one last time before I submitted the whole app. I hate this part that requires depending on others...

  2. Good idea! I'm hoping my other reference was just waiting for the weekend! I'll probably email her tomorrow with that exact message.