Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple updates:

First, the recommender who didn't get the recommendation done by the first HDS deadline has emailed me (in response to an email from me) and said she found out about the extension and was relieved for a little extra time.  She says she'll be able to make this Friday's YDS deadline.  I appreciate her keeping in touch about it all.

Second, I emailed HDS to ask some clarifying questions about the deadline extension.  My first and most important question was whether it makes a difference if I submit now or wait.  Their answer, true to the HDS way, was ambiguous.  It said, "The admissions committee begins the review process from the time we verify that all of your application materials have been received in our office. You will receive e-mail notifications from us when you application goes through our various processes. You will also be able to track the progress of your application via the online tool after you submit it. We will send out admissions decisions in Mid-March."

So I wrote back and said, "Just to be clear, does it make a difference in actual admissions decisions if I send in my application materials now, or if I wait until February 1st?"  And they didn't even bother to reply. 

So my plan is now to focus on my YDS application through Friday and then on Saturday pick my HDS application back up to further refine my essays, with the goal of being ready for submission in a week or less. 

In the meantime, an HDS M. Div. student visited the church I serve yesterday to enter into a discussion about a possible internship next year.  It was great to meet him, and he offerred to be among those who review my HDS writing sample/academic essay.  I was thankful for his offer.  It always helps to have more eyes, and he will be familiar with HDS specific information.

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