Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogger Technical Details

I am breaking from studying in order to post some information that might be helpful to friends I've asked to participate on my blog but who haven't explored this side of the internet yet. :-)

1. Everything on the blog is my work.

2. Yes, I would love it if you would write your thoughts/ideas/corrections right on the blog.

3. Thanks for being willing to try to help!

4. To submit your thoughts on any of the posts/entries, go to the bottom of the entry and click on the comment number. This takes you to a page that will say "post a comment." Write your comment in the text box.

Then blogspot will ask you to select a profile. If you yourself have a gmail address, blogspot blog, or google account, you should select "google account." If you have another type of blog, you can select the type.

However, if you don't have any such accounts, simply select "name/URL" and when prompted type in your first name or your "handle" (handles are those things that look like: "olyfriend09" or "SmartOne" or "comski3341" or whatever).

Then click "post a comment." You may be asked to do a task that verifies that you are a human, not a computer. Your comment won't show up right away because I have "comment moderation" turned on in order to avoid spam-y stuff (folks who post on blogs to advertise something they are selling), etc. But it will show up, and I will be ever so grateful you posted!

Enjoy, and thanks again!

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