Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18th Vocab Words

Note that I study all material, even that which is just a review. Feel free to post challenges for me, make memorization suggestions, correct misused words, or whatever else you want. The reason I am doing this is for the fun of an interactive study experience.

Below are three vocab words, with a link to a sound clip and definition as well as the definition given by my study manual...and several vocabulary sentences made up by yours truly.

Abscond (verb): to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
  • He had only been charged with a misdemeanor, so why he chose to abscond, I'll never understand.
  • I wouldn't have been suspicious if she hadn't absconded.
  • I plan to abscond as the night wears on, as it is not my desire to be seen by the living.
  • I didn't know what to think of him; he mysteriously absconded before dessert.
  • Like a frightened animal, he absconded.
  • As she was at low risk for absconding, she was granted a supervised release.
  • Each evening he would abscond to feed his need, keeping his meth addiction a secret from his family for at least a few months.
  • Humiliated, the temptation to abscond overcame him.

Austere (adjective): without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic (according to the online dictionaries can also mean something of a harshness or sternness, a strictness)

  • Beyond plain, he was austere.
  • An overprivileged, greedy man, he looked down on her austere presentation.
  • Little did he know that her austerity was a privilege of its own kind.
  • She longed for an austere life, free from the burdens of materialism and full of the blessings of spirituality.
  • After giving it fair trial, Siddhartha rejected the most austere life, left the ascetics, and found the freedom he was searching for without subjecting his body to punishment.
  • I was impressed by her austerity, and more than that, the joyfulness she found in a life of unfailing discipline and simplicity.
  • He was an austere father, but lavishly loving none the less.
  • In such an austere setting, we were sullen.

Effrontery (noun): extreme boldness; presumptuousness

  • With this brand of effrontery, there is no doubt why sexism sells.
  • It wasn't idealism that was her downfall, but her incessant effrontery.
  • Brazen, he approached and confronted the dignitary with astonishing effrontery.
  • Her most audacious behavior was the result of effrontery, which had gone unchecked for far too long.
  • It was with little effrontery that she finally asked for what she needed; after all, it had taken much courage and she was still not convinced she deserved to have her needs met.
  • I was taken aback by his effrontery, and it took me some time to regain my composure, let alone any sense of self-assurance.
  • She approached me with such effrontery, that I could think of nothing else to day but "yes...okay," and it wasn't until she left that I began to realize the extent to which I'd compromised my own beliefs by acquiescing to her vision.
  • If it had not been for her effrontery, we would have never finished this project, as sometimes you need the fearless ego of one or two people who know nothing of "no" to push through the resistance.

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