Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th Vocab Words

Note that I study all material, even that which is just a review. Feel free to post challenges for me, make memorization suggestions, correct misused words, or whatever else you want. The reason I am doing this is for the fun of an interactive study experience.

Below are three vocab words, with a link to a sound clip and definition as well as the definition given by my study manual...and several vocabulary sentences made up by yours truly.

filibuster (noun, but also has verb form): intentional obstruction, especially using prolonged speech making to delay legislative action (also has a specific military definition, according to the linked dictionary entry)

  • Filibusters are a side effect of the importance we place on legislative debate.

  • The late senator was the master of filibusters, and I am not sure she actually wanted to get anything accomplished during her term.

  • In a power play, they threatened a filibuster.

  • Filibusters unfortunately brought to a halt many efforts in the civil rights movement.

  • Is an obstructive filibuster democratic, or even constitutional?

  • Sometimes it is necessary to have a filibuster to communicate the intensity of feeling on a matter.

  • Filibusters can't stop true change in public interest, which will stand the test of time and eventually become legislative change.

  • Filibusters may have a role in the built in system of "check and balance" which is so critical to democratic process.
Extemporaneous (adjective): improvised; done without preparation

  • Her sermons often took an extemporaneous turn, and most of the time they were brilliant, but on occasion her congregation worried she was lost on her own path of words.

  • His advice, which he gave to me often and extemporaneously, was of little value in the real world.

  • In retrospect is was unsafe to take responsibility for her medication routine extemporaneously.

  • My extemporaneous speeches are almost always unnecessarily long-winded.

  • I would like to improve my extemporaneous speaking ability while studying at the university.

  • He was raised in a faith tradition in which extemporaneous preaching was considered the work of God, and if he had come to church with a written sermon, his congregation would have worried the Spirit was not moving in their worship.

  • It was a "pop quiz" and her answers were extemporaneous, which explains her anxiety over the score.

  • I was most inspired by the chapter on extemporaneous preaching.

ingenuous (adjective): artless; frank and candid; lacking in sophistication

(By the way, according to wordie.org, disingenuous means pretending to be ingenuous, i.e. pretending to be more naive than one is. That is, being "deceptive in the particular way of pretending to be innocent or ignorant of something." If that is the case, it is oft-misused. However, according to other sources it simply means not frank or candid, as in '' insincere."

  • His explanation was ingenuous, but I didn't expect anything different, as his understanding of the material was surface-level.

  • I worried more than anything about appearing ingenuous in front of my colleagues.

  • She was ingenuous in our conversation, and it was clear to me that her role in the murder was incidental.

  • If he had not been so ingenuous in all his other speeches, I would have considered his apology little move than political stunt.
  • I would have preferred to have come off ingenuous than disingenuous, as from the start I was seen as dishonest.
  • It was ingenuous to require all performers to sign in and out of rehearsals, as the cast had only three members.
  • My contributions to the dialogue were unfortunately, in retrospect, ingenuous.

  • He was ingenuous but not unintelligent.

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