Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9th Vocab Words

Here is where the fun begins! This is the first of my GRE study posts. Note that I will study all material, even that which is just a review. Feel free to post challenges for me, make memorization suggestions, correct misused words, or whatever else you want. The reason I am doing this is for the fun of an interactive study experience.

Here are two vocab words, with a link to a sound clip and definition as well as the definition given by my GRE study manual...and several vocabularly sentences made up by yours truly.

truculent (adjective): fierce and cruel; eager to fight
  • By nature she was truculent, and I did not want to provoke her.
  • Because of his truculence, we walked on egg shells throughout the evening.
  • We knew he was truculent, but we had no idea he was violent, and that he had the capacity for murder.
  • That stage of my life was characterized by my reputation for truculence, and I had a reputation as something of a badass.
  • It wasn't as much that she was truculent as that she was not only shrewd but also spiteful.
  • Why such a truculent individual had been invited to what would have otherwise been a pleasant and friendly event is a mystery to me.
  • I am sure they think of her as truculent, but a more compassionate perspective is that she is afraid and verbally lashing out in terror.
  • If only he wasn't so truculent, his wit would be a source of friendship.
prevaricate (verb): to deliberately avoid the truth; mislead
  • He doesn't prevaricate, as he really does believe the things he says.
  • She was rightfully accused of prevaricating. She had indeed set out to destroy their reputations, and she clearly felt prevarication was the most efficient way to do this.
  • It was our president who prevaricated time and again, to the detriment of our national credibility.
  • I regret my prevarication, and the financial ruin I caused many individuals in the process. I intend to be an honest, upright citizen once released from prision.
  • Though I had a tendancy to prevaricate, it seemed only creative expression from my point of view, and I didn't realize at the time the damage I was causing simply through the things I said.
  • If you continue to prevaricate, we will need to dismiss you from your duties, as building trust with our clients is the most important aspect of our work here.
  • It is fortunate he outgrew his tendancy to prevaricate.
  • If you get what you want through prevarication, you don't deserve what you get.

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