Monday, October 19, 2009

Timeline Check-In

We're on week two of my prep plan, and it's time to check in about how I've done so far with the schedule.

Week of October 11th:
∆ Study at least 1-2 hours daily for GRE
∆ Make initial 1-2 contacts at schools (1 hour)
∆ RSVP to open houses, etc.

Hmmm...well, I didn't do so well. I did study 1-2 hours daily for the most part, so I can feel good about that. However, I missed a day or two of studying, and I also didn't get as far in my studies as I needed.

As for making the initial contacts, I need to make up that time this week. And I also need to take care of the RSVPs. I just forgot those two things were on my to-do list.

Week of October 18th:
∆ Study at least 1-2 hours daily for GRE
∆ Make another contact at schools (1/2 hour)
∆ Research paper (find or, if not found, decide what to do)
∆ Attend a class or event

I've got a full week according to this list, especially since I am making up for last week already. Yikes! I think it is still reasonable, though, because basically I will just be adding one hour to my school contact time and twenty minutes or so for open house RSVPs. That's less than an hour and a half of extra work. That said, I am *extremely* nervous about dealing with the research paper.

I better fasten my seatbelt!

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