Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is how I know I'll be horribly disappointed if I don't get in...

Last spring I visited one of the schools to which I am applying, and attended a class while I was there. I emailed the professor today to ask for a copy of his syllabus so that I can use the reading list for a project I am working on, and he emailed me back a syllabus (as well as some helpful correspondence about the project). As I was reading the syllabus, my heart raced with the thrill and excitement. I also felt a pang of sadness, as I won't have time to read even 10% of what was on the reading list. It just all seems so INTERESTING!

I can't wait to begin my studies, and though I am mildly nervous about keeping up with fast-paced classes while parenting my wee ones (and perhaps continuing my work for pay), for the first time in my adult education I am confident I will be met at the appropriate level of challenge...as long as I get in.

"Oh please, oh please, oh please" goes my prayer :-).

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