Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midweek Check-In

Earlier this week I reported that I would be catching up on last week's tasks as well as doing additional tasks for this week. Here was the totality of the list:

∆ Study at least 1-2 hours daily for GRE, making up where possible for missed studying
∆ Make at least two contacts at schools, preferably three
∆ RSVP to open houses
∆ Research paper (find or, if not found, decide what to do)
∆ Attend a class or event

It's time to ask, "how am I doing?"
  • Studying has been going so-so. I've not made a full two hours each night, and last night I didn't study at all. But tonight I am able to study for a few hours, which helps.
  • I haven't made any new contacts at the schools. However, I did, as described in another post, get in touch with a professor from a class I'd previously visited at one of the schools. I also reached out to another professor, whose class I plan to attend on Friday, though I haven't heard back (ugh).
  • I did RSVP to open houses.
  • On the issue of the research paper, I have done more hunting. I also called the school where I did my undergraduate studies to see if I could track down the professor who helped me with the paper, just on the off chance he for some reason kept it (doubt it, but I am desperate). I haven't heard back yet. I've yet to face the dark question about what I'll do if I can't find it.
  • I'm scheduled to attend a class for a few hours on Friday. Barring illness, that should get accomplished.

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