Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9th BONUS Vocab Word

Note that I study all material, even that which is just a review. Feel free to post challenges for me, make memorization suggestions, correct misused words, or whatever else you want. The reason I am doing this is for the fun of an interactive study experience.

Here is today's bonus word, with a link to a sound clip and definition as well as the definition given by my GRE study manual...and several vocabulary sentences made up by yours truly.

alacrity (noun): eager and enthusiastic willingness
  • I began the effort with alacrity, but my enthusiasm waned as I realized how few people were willing to help.
  • The level of alacrity she demonstrated was encouraging, as we needed a foreman who did not hesitate.
  • He had so much alacrity from the start that his movement into management was inevitable.
  • There is no task I approach with more alacrity than one involving food preparation for parties.
  • As a new attorney, she objected with alacrity, reveling in the use of her hard-earned legal skills to block an unfortunate line of reasoning.
  • He was surprisingly helpful and started out with so much alacrity that I had to slow him down in order to keep up myself.
  • I would have come to my project with more alacrity if I had not been so exhausted from the last one.
  • He felt upstaged by the young interns, who came in with alacrity and ideas on which he had long ago given up but that were now received by the higher-ups with interest.

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