Monday, October 26, 2009

Timeline Check in For Late October

I am sick. I admit it. I've been in denial, but I am sick and I am fatigued. This is really throwing a wrench into my timeline. My kids are sick too, with my son having been sick for a week or longer now. He couldn't go to school most of last week. I took both kids to the doctor, but apparently it wasn't too alarming at that time.

Why don't my kids sleep more when they are sick? Neither of my kids ever slow down...EVER. Both my kids have been known to alternate vomiting with playing, or hack-hacking with playing, etc. Now my wife G. is starting to feel sick. If she "goes down" there will be no time for anything but keeping the household running. So pray for us because that will really hurt my chances of doing well.

In terms of my timeline, besides continuing studies and all of that, here is what is up this week (the week of October 25th)...

Lingering issues:
  • Make contacts at schools
  • Make a research paper plan
  • Catch up on studies

New issues:

  • Begin working on Statement of Purpose again (yikes!)

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